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Dances with David Poems

Dances with David Poems

Dances with David

Dances with David

-- by CJ Martin --

Inspirational and beautiful,
Dances with David touches readers in ways that are far beyond the reach of words.

Dances with David draws on the writings of King David and other ancient psalmists, and responds with new poems that voice concerns of our own day.

The poems call attention to the global climate crisis, the soul-negating impacts of materialism and distraction, and our deep need for joy, connection, wonder, and creativity.

Illustrated with full-colour paintings by Vincent van Gogh, Emily Carr, Wassily Kandinsky, Hilma af Klint, Franz Marc, and many more.

The ideas, words, and images create a richly layered experience to revisit again and again.

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Discover the beauty of Dances with David Poems in this 1-minute video.

"Its beauty touched my soul!"

“I read your first poem, and it filled me with such emotion that I could go no further.  Its beauty touched my soul!  The feminine in it is so strong and wondrous.”

Agnes Richard, Coordinator, Global Catholic Climate Movement Canada

"Fresh as the morning breeze!"

“These poems, CJ - fresh as the morning breeze!  They are so true. So true.  Yours are new prayers, for our earth, our very souls, our very selves. Instead of the old 'vertically up' relationship, yours are spherical, all encompassing, ecumenical… and sometimes even with a touch of humour.  They are important - now more than ever.” 

Shauna McLean, visual artist

"Reads like Rumi"

“Inspired by David, but reads more like Rumi, with the ecstatic scope of Whitman and the influence of Lao Tzu. The imagery is strong and very current, and the stylistic variation keeps the reader’s interest high.  I think this collection will resonate with a wide audience.”

Christopher William, writer and teacher

"A journey through the realities and hopes for our world"

"This collection of poems is a journey through the realities and hopes for our world, written with a carefully blended mix of inspiration, importance, and humour. I thoroughly enjoyed this authentic take on issues of justice."

Jessica van Thiel, founder of PATHFINDER (social enterprise)

"The pages light up."

Great idea to combine poems with paintings. The pages light up and
invite careful reading and contemplation. You will open it often.

Stephen Marvin, author and musician


Dances with David is dedicated to all people - past, present and future - who work for social and ecological justice.

Detail of Wassily Kandinskyès Painting with a Red Spot, along with For Psalm 33
Books leaning against a wall; book cover for Dances with David: 21st-centruy responses to the Psalms by an eco-spiritual poet; cover is blue, and contains the title, the painting Awakening, by Beric Henderson, and author’s name, CJ Martin.

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